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Good to Know (General Info)


Transportation on the island can get expensive fast if you don't rent a car. The bus is cheap, but limited and inconvenient. Cabs are very expensive, hard to get if you can't make calls from your phone, and are often upwards of $50 USD per ride. Car rentals on the other hand are very cheap, some as low as $15 USD per day. Gas is not cheap, but you won't need much!

We have used Thrifty (direct booking link) many times with good results. Our recommendation is to either book directly through them, or use a service like KAYAK. As of January 25th, the economy rental rate with Thrifty was approx $16/day.

Please also note: not all rentals are right-hand drive! Some vehicles, such as many Ford models and Jeep Wranglers use left-hand drive setups, like in the United States. If you recieve such a vehicle, be very mindful of entering roads (it can be difficult to see oncoming traffic) and remembering to keep left!


We recommend Airbnb for booking on the island. If you have never used Airbnb, please feel free to use this link to get $40 in credit when you sign up:

In lieu of Airbnb, Tripadvisor and KAYAK both have good deals on hotels and resorts.